Ural Grand Tour now in Austria

From Rudersbergs l rode south on the Monday for Austria to meet up with Joe/Guido/Michael/Bob/Steve at the  Tuesday was a rest day from riding and a chance to be a TOURIST in a ski lift.

Must be time for the   After our sing along we take a bus trip to Zell am See. Wednesday the day to

The Simson Team from CZ . › wiki › Simson_(company)  

The motorrad entrance to the PASS seems a little narrow for the sidecar?! Yes l did make in the end! (Just can’t keep a good man down) › watch › v=KEjJ6iTeH_I  

7.Time to meet some members of the UK/B MARMOT TEAM

8.Wednesday seems to be the WASHING DAY for UK/B Marmot Team!

Guido gets “FEELINGS” for the Russian Ural.

10.It was the start of COOL RIDE.


Time to meet OSKAR. See OSKAR at work! › watch 

Now at the TOP.

Also too are SIMSONS.

16.Ural greeting from the “Top of Austria” THE PORSCHE KILLER!

Austrian Marmot pickup truck. Thursday l find myself in OUTBACK AUSTRIA AT


The capital of the Ausseerland is Bad Aussee.

Also in Bad Aussee you will find the Friday l leave Austria and the part 3 is the “CH/F Ural Grand Tour” continues.