The Peaks Extreme


Quite a MOUTH FULL! ” Adventure Cannonball EXTREME-The Peaks” on the ACU web site events page and this event was in my local PLAYGROUND in the Peak District on last Sunday in January.

So l was a little NOSEY and l take a ride to investigate. (But before then on the Wednesday l had a ride over to Warwickshire, Hoar Park & Dog Inn to meet up with the MEN of MERCIA.)

BMW & Steib sidecar and now fitted with 90/6 engine.(Hoar Park)

3.Also at Hoar Park 305 Suzuki grey import to UK. (Hoar Park)

Now the last Sunday in January and its very dull overcast RAW COLD morning at Monyash, Derbyshire 08.50am

Monyash Start/Finish for

RallyMoto – leading the way in off road motorcycle rallying

New Honda Africa Twin

Africa Twin road book.

Lots of BELLS & WHISTLES  on the Africa Twin with the gear  lever having a built in solenoid to change GEAR at press of a button.

Touratech lockable. tool box.

All things ORANGE!

Fill it up SIR? yes to the very top THIRTY NINE LITRES PLEASE!

Very nice leather top box for my sandwiches!


So just after 10.00am l decided to follow the 60 participants for few miles on the Mystic/Ural sidecar

and at right turn into a lane and l notice this SIGN Images for unsuitable for motor vehicles and after a mile on this lane link

What l call a DUCKPOND!

The Deacons- Ey up mi duck – YouTube › watch

So, time for the duty sidecar-ist to become the DUTY DIVER again!

l believe the BEST ROUTE was to become a AMPHIBIAN rider on this section of the lane.

Some go for the RUTTED ROUTE!

Now FIVE to the rescue!

Stuck in the mud with lyrics – YouTube › watch

The man with THREE WHEELS on his BARROW had no problems on this lane, however the weather forecast was right and turn out quite DIRE with ICY RAIN, so time to head for home.

           Bye for now from the local DUCKPOND.