RAG Rally New Zealand

Friday the 16th was the day to head off to the delayed RAG rally due to covid19, 3 hardy riders head off to the rally, 1 RE Himalaya 1 Piaggio 3 wheel scooter and a trusty high mileage BMW K1100 sidecar outfit, the weather forecast for the weekend looked promising with a fine and sunny outlook.

We arrived at the venue to fine a good number of people already there and settled into the various bunk rooms, so it was a matter of hunting around to find a room for us 3 weary travellers, after quite a search we managed to find a vacant 3 bed room and ensconced ourselves in there, it was now time to put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea and catch up with a few old & new friends.

Saturday morning dawned fine and sunny, with again meeting up with the new arrivals with 2 particular older members dusting off there older machines, which was really nice to see, as most the the bikes were modern one’s with a large number of 1200GS’s although I didn’t spot either Boorman or McGregor amongst them.

It was then time to head off and find some lunch and include a visit to one of NZ’s iconic place’s of interest  it was a first time visit for me but we spent a good couple of hours just wandering around this nostalgic wrecking yard.

Then time to head back for more socializing at the Rally and to get ready for the evening meal which as always is well prepared by long time (30 years ) cook Clifford, who brings the spit roast machine and the joints of meat all on his solo BMW K75 !!! 

The rally being called the RAG Rally stands for as rough as guts, but one member decided they weren’t going to rough it, so turned up with some luxurious accommodation on 4 wheels !! I have to say there were a few envious looks.

Anyway it was a great rally as always and the 3 Auckland musketeers all got home ok and are looking forward to next years rally.