Old Buckingham Bike Night

Because of caring duties we are no longer able to attend rallies, but, we do manage the odd night out and day trips. On a Tuesday we have taken to going to The Ox & Plough pub in Old Buckenham Norfolk for our evening meal. The pub hosts a bike night and there are 3 stalls selling lovely food. There’s a choice of Bar B Q, The Large sausage man ( ooer missus !!) and The Curry Hut. We favour the curry hut.

On a good sunny evening hundreds of bikes and bike related machinery start to arrive from 4pm in the afternoon and just keep coming until it is dark. The pub is set in the middle of nowhere, has an array of real ales on the go and very few neighbours to bother with bike noise. Which is just as well as some are a little on the noisy side. Bikes range from antique to the latest star ship enterprise. Everyone gets on Ok and there is always someone interesting to talk to.

Photos include a stonking little Raleigh Twenty bike (my Mum had one in the 70’s) lashed very well to a bread basket sidecar. Don’t think we will see it at the Fed National. I’m sure biking around the Norfolk flat lands is quite enough.

Gorgeous Laverda 1200 which didn’t even have a speck of dust on the tyres.

One of the tidiest 250 BSA’s I think I’ve ever seen.

Classic Honda Cub from the 60’s .

A lovely unrestored BSA Outfit

which looked like the original floor had rotted out of the sidecar and been replaced with a hastily bought piece of marine ply.

The sidecar body was mounted on springs but I can’t see what stops the body from lurching sideways when you go round corners with a passenger on board. Maybe these springs are stronger than they look. A Panther arrived and appeared to have lost its sidecar on the way.

 Father Christmas turned up on his BSA Auto Cycle.

Santa looks like he’s leaving it a bit late this year to chubb up for Christmas. I recommend, less talking to people and more curry and chips. A gorgeous 125 Honda.

I had one of these in the 70,s and it was a totally reliable smooth ride. A gorgeous Harley Outfit complete with Garden Party Chairs on board. Think I’ve seen this outfit somewhere before!!

 A large Kawasaki and sidecar, note the wheel chair in the sidecar.

Hats off to this bloke for sticking with bikes despite his problems. And to think, I moan about my dodgy knees and bad back. I shall desist. Many specials turn up and one of my favourites was this BSA with Ford Anglia engine shoe horned in. Very tidy.

Just imagine that with a chair on it. Effortless cruising. This bike must be one of the easiest to keep on the road as BSA bits are available off the shelf as are Ford Anglia bits. A bike for life, bags of Torque and very little maintenance required.

Toodle Pip. Ben and Steve. Kings Lynn.