My Journey to “Another Place”

The first Friday in October and the Mystic solo rider heads to the North West of England and the West Midlands Sidecar Club Autumn Sidecar Gathering and the reason for this meeting being over 100 miles from it base was because Mike one of its members had move to this area of Southport. “The Gathering” was very small in numbers with Mike & grandson, John and Chairman Nick/, plus ME! l believe what put off people coming was it seems to be the HURRICANE (remnants of) season in the in the north west.

With all the RAIN in last few days the camp grounds getting a little STICKY! Saturday morning a bus ride to the centre Southport comes with its GRAND VICTORIAN PATINA/PIER and REGINA. However in early September you will find more ACTION on BEACH Everything you need to know about the Southport Air Show 2019 › … › Latest › Southport

 First a PIER stroll. › wiki › Southport_Pier  

Arca › shopping › lord-street-p346591

Time to ditch the ELECTRIC SHAVER for a good SHAVING BRUSH & a HD? (see next photos).

A HD for a very close shave!

Perhaps the TIMES cometh to join Harley Davidson “GENTRY”?

Impressive War Memorial › wiki › Southport_War_Memorial

Five VCs for the very brave men of Southport.

The last time l saw the word “COLONIAL” used was in Tasmania. Now time to take a train journey to “ANOTHER PLACE” › watch


He’s looking for DRY SPOT to pitch his TENT! Yes just like ME yesterday!

No PAUL it’s not the IOM ferry, but a container ship.

The Pilot Boat a stern of the ACL inbound for the Port of Liverpool  

Yet ANOTHER PAIR of BOOTS to CLEAN! Saturday evening/night was another wet/windy affair with the packing of a soggy tent Sunday morning. My ride home took me via the A59 to Preston/Skipton & then the single track lane via Colne to Hebden Bridge.

The free range LOCALS like to WANDER!

Must be time for Sunday lunch.  

Bye for now and KEEP DRY!