My Jaunt to New Zealand

The start of Micheal’s little jolly, more to come….

On the 12 December l find myself at Birmingham Airport on a flight of over 11,350 miles to Auckland.NZ. Saturday the 14 Dec. l arrive in sunny Auckland and l am picked by Paul of Browns Bay.

My mode of transport to NZ.

A sign over a Kiwi shed.

The “Browns Bay Set” enjoying the street food.

Monday we travel to Northland which turns out to a wet ride first day ride.

My Kiwi tour bike is the K75.

Even time for a sidecar drink with Steve McQueen! in Paihia.

l can truly recommend the Mangonui Hotel

The view from my bedroom balcony.

The locals are now arriving for fish & chips and a pint.

Our second ferry on this trip to the “Far North”

Once upon a time you could swim with Opo!

The Amazing Dolphin of Opononi – YouTube › watch

1After five  great days  in the “Winterless North” we now ride south for ALK however we  now have a SONG to sing!

Opo the Dolphin by Pat McMinn – YouTube › watch

Now my second Saturday in NZ and now back in ALK & at the local bike dealer’s souk and notice this outfit parked.

Please note the number plate position?

Sidecars New Zealand – Home of Watsonian -Squire sidecars …

Sunday a local watering hole for Kiwi bikers.

Puhoi Pub

Bye for now from a POMMY getting a WINTER TAN!