K1200rs Air Filter

The manual says remove the fuel tank, really….

New plugs and filter.

After removing the seat and fairing prop up tank as far as it will go with everything still connected.

Remove cover, using dumpy PZ2 screwdriver or similar.

After removing the old filter fit new one, it just fits in as the you can see, handy that it is that shape with the forward corner angled so nice.

Make sure it is fully in and refit cover, then refit tank etc.

Blimey the old one was quite full of muck.

So the Flying Banana can now breathe more easily.

With the current world situation with the coronavirus

Well, I used to collect the discarded bottles and get the money back 2d or 3d can’t remember. (old money BTW)

Great British Brands - Corona Lemonade

I think I will have to stock up on Tunes ” They help you breathe more easily”