Greenwich Meridian West 0 East

Wednesday l have a date to be in Hornsea with IMTC members for fish & chips lunch.

Northern IMTC members like a good bargain?

Great value deal.

Now the IMTC samplers & testers go to work!!

The beach scene at Hornsea & NORTH SEA 

The LAST TIME l visited a BEACH was in early January this year and was on the PACIFIC OCEAN in NZ.

Always called them ’Sea breakers walls’

South of  Withernsea Attractions l cross the

 What is the Prime Meridian and why is it in Greenwich? GMT …

Yet another crossing to the south shore.

Now riding a Byway to find??

For OUR FRONCK Porridge & Honey.

It’s now Friday and on my SECOND VOYAGE this week.

Wine cheese & crackers time again.

The hamlet of Providence is my abode for this weekend.

The dog in PUSHCHAIR with two names Shaky or Tripod!!

Swiss Condor also made this sidecar outfit called the  

Universal A 1000 | 1944, Switzerland. Review & test-drive …

Looks quite a SCHNELL machine.

Polish (2 x PONCHOS) Army Lavvu Tent.

 Photo for John of Sheffield.

Saturday we take a ride in the local area of   

Sledmere House & Gardens | Family Days Out | Venue | East …

Waggoners memorial, Sledmere | York Storie

l find a byway for Phil to ride.

For our “SCOOTER BOYS”  AF Rayspeed, Scooter Tuning, Sales, Parts and Accessories.

Then to the home of the TV series Bangers & Cash | Brand New & Exclusive | Yesterday – YouTube

Bye for now from this land of Bangers & Cash.