Erde Trailer

A number of years ago l purchased an Erde 122 Unbraked Camping Trailer BUILDER with Accessories … From this guy in Worksop and I have put into it all sorts of odds & sods.

Will it fit of cause it will?

So with the LOCKDOWN time now do a few new updates to the 122.

Updates are a new spare wheel & new jockey wheel.

Not forgetting the underneath of the 122.

4,5 New.  KA120 Hydraulic Shock Absorbers for the Erde 122 Trailer …

Seems the ERDE are sold in Australia.

Erde 122 – Tour Lite Trailers

More information ref. Hack Trailer towing? | Adventure Ride

My own 122 is mostly used to visit the local WASTE TIP but that is now closed!

So l must now start and stockpile my items from the DECLUTTER  process from the garage. Micheal.

Bye for now from the DECLUTTER CENTRE.