BMW Mid-Week Rally

Or a rally for the Gainfully Retired. A put together double report from Martyn and Micheal

A lovely floral display at the amenities block.

On Tuesday the 8th of September l arrive in Llandovery, Wales to join other GAINFULLY RETIRED motorcyclists at the local campsite. One of our number had not seen the BARBER since well before the LOCKDOWN. He seems to be returning to the SWINGING 1960s?

Must be that time again for “Flowers in the hair”

San Francisco – Scott McKenzie – YouTube

OR Hunt the Shunt

Wednesday time for a stroll into the town.

2.The same in any language!!

Heart of Wales Line

Does this TRAVEL BAN also include RE-BORN AGAIN HIPPIES ??? 

Hippy Hippy Shakes – The Swinging Blue Jeans – YouTube

Out side the cafe are parked two x trail bikes doing the

Trans Euro Trail: Home

Must be time for my Welsh lamb/ mint pasty at the

The West End Cafe is very popular with motorcyclists of all types and the food is very good.

West End Cafe :: Llandovery

We dine both evenings at the

The Kings Head, Llandovery – 4 star hotel accommodation …

But we stopped to have a couple at the White Hall, fill in the track and trace and a pint of the Pecker Wrecker please

Thursday Micheal does a tour of the local BMW shops on my return home.

Motoscot – BMW Motorcycle Servicing, Honda Motorcycling …

For Guido his kind of BMW.

Church Stretton Motorcycles – Independent BMW Specialists

Micheal thought the wheels looked particularly nice
The off road section, both similar bikes, but the Kawasaki Super Sherpa has a seat height about 3 to 4 inches lower than the CRF
Jet Boil in action, Michael needs a new stove but it won’t be one of these.
John’s K1200 and Trailer set up.

Bye for now from this Kingdom of the Red Dragon.