Big K Mods and Rockers

My Son and myself managed to get away from our various commitments and get to this event on a windy but sunny Sunday. We live In Kings Lynn and could walk to this event, but had forgotten all about it and were heading out of town and on our way to a meet in Hertfordshire when we saw heaps of bikes and scooters coming into the big K. We turned the outfit around and followed them all the way to the Tuesday Market Place right in the centre of the Town.

The pubs were open early, the bikes were filling up the square nicely, the bands were making a noise and fat faces were being stuffed with gourmet burgers. Well ours were anyway. We stuck the combo in the line-up, thinking that we would be the only outfit to arrive, but no, two others turned up as well. One late comer was a nicely restored BSA outfit, all colour matched and lovely and that. There was also a couple on a Honda Wassname with single seat squire nailed on the side. The sidecar fixings looked a little lacking in the strength department. I would imagine this outfit is very “bendy” on corners with just one badly angled sidecar strut at the back. This Honda had the engine that my OHC JAWA engine is based on. We had a great day out people and bike watching and just about manged to get into 3rd gear on our 4 minute ride home. No chance of a mileage award here. Enjoy the pictures of the great unwashed and the lovely bikes on show in the sunshine. 

Mighty Puch moped.

A gorgeous Harley outfit in a sea of Hairdryers.

Bikes and more bikes in front of the impressive Dukes Head hotel. 

I love this Triumph.

I also love the Harley next to it.

Still rock’in and roll’in.

A gorgeous Scott, complete with several oil leaks and a very interested admirer.

New and old, Enfield and AJS.

Rocket 3.

Japan to UK on a hard working little Honda.

Cute Little Honda Monkey bike. Can you just see its number plate? It spells out FAT and BALD with carefully arranged letters and numbers.


A little’un with his dad.

Another new Enfield

Ducati and chips.

Lovely BSA outfit, MIND THAT CAN AM, you’ll have Roy after you!

Honda outfit with flimsy fittings.

Securing a Rickman.

Yam special.

Cool Pushbike complete with pretend oil leak

Really nice and tidy ole Harley. Wouldn’t mind taking that home.    

That’s about it, Steve of Kings Lynn