Yeti Hunt 2019

Extreme Yeti Hunt

The day after the winter solstice When is the winter solstice and how is it celebrated? The shortest day the day rider heads to North Yorkshire and things get interesting after Leyburn on Whipperdale Rd to Reeth l hit PHEASANT or was it PARTRIDGE on the outfit,so was it a UKTV 80s Ad Heiniken partridge pear tree – YouTube Unscathed man,bird? & machine continue to Reeth!

Wainwath,River Swale ideal spot to get your kit off for Wild swimming in Britain: the best places to swim, water safety and … › Go Outdoors

Now in the wild & woolly border lands of North Yorkshire,Cumbria and County Durham. Ravenseat home to the family of Amanda Owen, Yorkshire Shepherdess – Farmer, Writer, Photographer

New tent for Phil from Sunny Walkden.

Rotax MZs and the 4 by 4s in the background belong to the local Beagle Pack.

The correct pose/ technique for starting a MZ & sidecar.

With NATO snow shoes at the ready? Next comes the special TEST! Royal Marine Mountain and cold weather warfare training Norway 2013

Over the “Pack Horse Bridge” to the barn for lunch and I meet THE THREE WISE MEN of the MZRC We Three Kings | Christmas Songs for Children by Hooplakidz …

Ravenseat Ford.

The “Sheepy Shearers” and only 4 miles walk over yonder hills to the Tan Hill Inn

12.It was good to see Philip of the COC, he was setting up in the barn to give a film show for Saturday night. Old Love Doesn’t Rust – YouTube

13. Ever changing weather at 1,800 feet.

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Wishing you all a joyful Christmas & a very safe/healthy 2019.

Lad & Dad.

No 12 Stove Hello from sunny Walkden on Christmas Day! This is a review of Robins stove, if you are thinking of buying one, you may have to dig deep!!!