Yarmouth Wheels

Such a gorgeous day on Saturday 8th July.   The garden needed doing, but I had heard on Friday on Radio Norfolk that at least 5000 bikes were due to turn up at Yarmouth on Saturday, so sod the garden, I was off to the seaside.     The entire marine parade had been closed to all traffic apart from bikes.   As predicted thousands had turned up.   Every available bit of space was taken up with bikes of all shapes and sizes.     I thought I might get trapped in if I took the combo onto Marine parade, so parked up a side street behind the Hippodrome and walked in to join the throng.     I think the whole event was staged to raise money for air ambulance.   Many clubs had organised special “run ins” like the Southend Shakedown, but about ten times the size.   Local eateries and pubs were doing a roaring trade throughout the day as not just hordes of starving and thirsty bikers needed to be fed and watered, but the hordes of tourists who had turned up to look at the hordes of bikers being fed and watered, also required burgers, chips and beer.   Must have done Great Yarmouth the world of good.   There’s not much else to say about this event, so just enjoy the pictures.

Steve . Kings Lynn.

Shiny monsters everywhere

See the Bank of Horns on the back of this bike.   Just to have a go at tail gaters ??

This little VW Van turned up.   Looks like it had shrunk in the wash.   Cute though Eh ??

Rolls Royce Wartime Engines Fired up for the crowd complete with propellers whizzing around.   The noise was amazing, Kids started crying, Old dears moaned and the rest of us just stood there and took pictures whilst our ear drums gave out !!

Yes, it looks the part and gets a good review


Happy to take pride of place between two super bikes.