Wolds Wanderer

This weekend l become a “born again camper” yes its long time since l last put my tent up. My wanderings take me to the Lincolnshire Wolds with the MZ Riders. I take a stroll around the village and soon find the pub & church.

Its Friday afternoon and it seems the locals do really enjoy HAPPY HOUR! Saturday morning the SUN comes out and we are joined by a lone Panther rider.

The side pannier becomes the top box.

A gaggle of MZ riders also arrive. Saturday morning my ride takes me to east coast seaside to visit the High Speed 2 refugees. Phil and Audrey

Its TUFF LIFE living on the East Coast Riviera and l am getting hotter by the minute and now down to my THERMALS!

My return journey was via

Alford windmill. Sunday morning time to pack up and ride over to Saltfleet and meet with Phil & Audrey again.

However things did not go to plan! So l rode west for home.

Willingham Woods KIOSK (However not built by Phil of Walkden!)

The RE Interceptor now arrived in the UK.

This 85 year old young chap out on his “Sunday RS” he said his normal day bike he rides is a Honda Blackbird. Been the owner of this RS for 42 years.

If you own a QUAD you can park on top of the bank and bring our own chairs to seat down in.

When l was a WILD TEENAGER l had a mate “Phil of Oakerthorpe” and l wound ride pillion on the back of his Velo to marshal at Just look at the BELL MOUTH, just loves RAW AIR!

Say hello to “Black Beauty”

Bye for now from the Wolds Wanderer.