Wimbotsham Bike Meet 2017

A stunning Brace of BSA s.

Another tarted up Cub.

Honest little Honda Step Thru.



Crowd shot.

Side valve outfit, is it Chinese or German? You decide.


Shiny Special build Brough.

Gay Pride???

Where do you sit on this?

Sea of Blue.

Lovely little James.

Very few outfits to look at this year.

How low can you go?

I’m not sure I’d be able to get off this once I’d got down there.

Is this a tyre or wot??

The builder of this machine was found hiding underneath it.

Despite its size, the owner and builder of this giant was seen leaving the event and appeared to have it under control.

A pretty little Harley.

Crowd scene.

Serious Ice cream eating.

There is no other show like Wimbotsham.   It remains true to its beginnings and stays within the village. Local residents open up their driveways and gardens for bikes to park in.   The atmosphere is relaxed and everybody just has a great time.   It’s even better for me as I only live just up the road.


Steve. Kings Lynn.