Wheels next the Sea Wells

Treated myself to a scorching ride to the annual Wheels next the sea motorcycle show in Wells on Father’s Day.   This event has that sort of vicars fete feel about it.   Set on the front at Wells, it’s all very genteel.   Bikes potter in, Ice creams are eaten, and pints are consumed (very nice drop of Ghost Ship on the go!) and faces are stuffed with burgers.

A band perform various numbers from the back of a lorry whilst we all swan about in the glorious sunshine looking at all the pretty ( and not so pretty) stuff that’s been ridden in to the show.     I thought I was going to be “the only Chair in the village” but, as you can see, another outfit crept in to the show.

Now most people walked straight past this and just dismissed it as one of them ole Russian things, but look closely and you’ll see it’s a Dnepr ( I think) with a tidy BMW engine slotted in.

I had a Dnepr many years ago and it was diabolical.   Everything that could fall apart, Did, so I can quite understand why these people had put decent motor in it.   I also had porous gearbox casings and spokes made from spaghetti.     It’s all character building isn’t it?     Anyway, enjoy the pics and see if you can guess what all the lovely things are.   Steve   Kings Lynn

Spanners out, the joys of Motorcycling

The buses were running on time in Wells

A lovely Scott.   I still have a soft spot for 2 strokes.   This one crackled a treat and like all the other bikes, was ridden to the show.

Very smart Harley Café Racer.   Just look at the work in that frame.

A real mix of bikes on display.   I love the retro look Enfield with leather bags. Very tidy