West Midland SC Rally

Banner up.
Rally field one.
Rally field two
Campsite shop
John has got a new bath, so it’s Bath Tub John.
You don’t say, yet when Dickie made a cup of coffee it was only warm, well health and safety rules, OK.
Keith, you don’t understand, I have pitch the tent in the wrong place, it will be hell all weekend.
Portsmouth Pete with his latest bike, work in progress.
What was the colour of Pete’s kettle when he first purchased it
It was blue!
Saturdays run-out was lead by Sticky John with Bob the Dog doing the navigating.
At least we all arrived.
Look leading link forks but someone has nicked the engine.
Saturday morning the site owner complained that she was kept awake from the snoring, and she was sleeping in her house!
Did it break the flower pot, we will never know.
Do you recognise this tent, it was not far from the site owners window. (and flower pot!)  
Roughly the same amount of these sidecars were made as the Martello.  
What; no back brake John!
Sundays run-out.
Darling, “Don’t they look silly riding those sidecar outfits”.
Have I got to eat that, Jan
What do you mean Jan, when you say it is scrummy.
Ian, when I tell you it is scrummy, it is scrummy.
Well it is up to you, you don’t have to eat it!
Now then, there is no need to take the huff, Ian
Colour match muffs, some people will go to any extremes to try and win best outfit.
Look Dad, no hands!