Welsh Rarebit Road Rider

It’s now the last week of June and my weekend starts early on the Wednesday by riding west to Mid Wales for the With me being there on the Wednesday l was able to witness the area of the Parc Ferme activity.

Fill me up mate!

Last minute running repairs!

A Belgium reg. BMW airhead with a CHAIN DRIVE!

The passenger’s FEET should be cosy and WARM!

Flying the FLAG!


The “Engineers” are riding.

At my campsite l notice this interesting KIT car the LIEGE which was named after this long forgotten event. Click on this to see small 500cc cars in a rally and VERY CLASSIC BELGIUM POLICEMEN!

Thursday l go for a ride and end up only Halfway there!

At the Cwmdu Inn l find a Welsh murder mystery? Must be time for lunch at the › Places › Brecon › Coffee Shop

Time to eat RABBIT or RAREBIT? This cafe is run by a very NICE Dutch Lady. Next l find myself on a Welsh FIRING RANGE!

Yes the RED FLAG is flying!

Bren Gun Carrier in Wales 1940, was it made in NEW ZEALAND?

A PUB with no BEER and LANDLORD from the MINISTRY? Friday morning time to ride east for the English border but along the way l find a SPLASH CENTRE !

Yes you can cause quite a SPLASH on THREE WHEELS!

Bye for now from the Welsh Rarebit Road Rider.