We take care of your passion

On the first Monday in March l arrive in Tamworth, Saxon Tamworth and my passenger his Steve of Sawley and the reason for this visit is the Tamworth Yamaha so Steve can pick up his new Yamaha motorcycle.

We Take Care of Your Passion. With time for me to browse a while in the show room.

l enjoy a hot chocolate at the refreshments bar.

My kind of motorcycle.

VTwin torque .

Two golden oldies from the Yamaha past.

Steve’s new purchase with an interesting name. NIKEN means “Two Swords” in Japanese.

The GT version.

Time to ride your passion Steve. On our return journey we came via Castle Donnington Race Circuit and will Steve be making a booking for

Seems my Great Nephew Idris wishes to joined the Niken Fan Club.

Time for Steve to RAIN TEST the Niken.

Bye for now and remember to always ride your passion.