TTT Motorcycles Fat Blokes on Tour

Fat Blokes on tour 2.

My Son found out that TTT Motorcycle Village were having some sort of open day/ Grand opening of a new store in Sudbury. The sun was out so we headed off on a lovely run up the A134. This is a lovely slow road if you just want to potter on your combo, or if it’s just painfully slow like ours!! I was expecting a little bike shop with a few balloons hanging on the door, but no, this is a huge place that is based in an old factory. It’s all open plan with leather sofas scattered about, pretty bikes to look at and on opening day, a food stand and

a heavy rock band stationed on the roof playing loud noise at us all.

The place was packed, as were the industrial estates roads outside. Clogged with bikes. As usual we spent the first half an hour wandering about looking at the stuff that had turned up before we went inside.

Amongst the bikes parked in the road was a trike with an Alpha Romeo motor in it. I bet that shifts! We also learnt that we were not the only combo to turn up.

There was one of them ole BMW things with a rufty tufty mud plugger sidecar nailed to it. Never met the rider so I’ve no idea if it was a fed member or not.

Inside the building we had loads of new Enfields for sale. Enfields seem to have hit the jackpot with these new bikes. Not only do they look great but you get plenty of metal for your money. I’ve bought a book of raffle tickets to win an Enfield Interceptor.

The draw takes place at this year’s Copdock show in October. I’ll take the van with me. Just in case my name is on that winning ticket. Sprinkled amongst them was older bikes (see pics) and loads of cheeky little MUTT small capacity bikes.

These look great, all chunky and full of attitude with wonderful paint jobs and sexy styling. Just the thing for bombing around the town.

Right in the centre of the village was a MASH display. All 400 singles, all the same bike but in different guises.

It’s all about the looks, I’m sure the Café racer really can’t race around the North Circular with the Ton Up Boys, but it looks like it could.

The combo, with superb colour matched sidecar, which I found very pretty, looked like it could take on a world tour. My Jawa OHC is the exact same bike as the Mash and I know it would only be able to just about drag my bulk and a load of no more than 20 fags in the sidecar if I wanted to travel out of town, but it looks good dunnit ? The chair itself looks like one of those Indian built items that we see on scooters and Asian low capacity motorcycles, but I can’t be sure. The wheel supporting arm on the sidecar looked much more robust than what we have on our heavy old Watsonian sidecar, and it was braked. There’s also a small boot to put your sandwiches in. If I didn’t have an outfit already, I would have put an order in for one of these, as long as it was just for running about, no more than 50 miles up the road. One thing you might notice is that the chair is a right hand sidecar. I thought new right hand outfits were not allowed to be registered for use on British roads anymore since a ban on them a few years ago, but maybe I’m wrong.

Also on display was a bike I’ve never heard of before, SOCCO, who are makers of electric bikes. This one looked like a townie run about. 30mph and charge it up when you get home. I understand that we’ve ruined the planet but the day all my old bikes are legislated off the road and I have to ride one of these characterless electric fridge motor things, I think I’ll just take the bus or walk.

Enjoy the Pics and keep a look out for a gorgeous Harley outfit parked up the street near TTT Motorcycle village.