Triumph Factory Visit Tour and Force Ten


On fifth day of the New Year myself and Steve of Sawley are waiting for our “Triumph Tour Leader” Phil from Sunny Walkden to arrive at the Triumph Factory Visitor Experience Phil had been delayed by a ceramic fuse problem and dire weather on his travels.

Which ENGINE did you want Sir! (1902 Cafe)

Triumph Mission statement.

When l first started on the Ambulance Service in 1969 one of my patients was a ex-dispatch rider from the WW1 and said that he signed for 12 motorcycles while in army service and had been put on CHARGES every time he lost one in the mud or when it was blown to bits! Just no excuse soldier for loosing War Office equipment!

Meriden Triumphs.

Tiger 100 1946.

Triple Time.

Motorcycle scene- The Great Escape, 1963, Steve McQueen – The clip

Oh to be WILD again!

Manchester Model Man goes TWEEED!  Digby Jacket | Triumph Motorcycles


On sixth day of 2018 myself and Steve attend our first Winter Rally of the New Year

Force Ten Classic Tents – Just Pitch It! Vango AirBeam, Inflatable …

Chummy M21s  BSA M21 – Side Valve Slogger – Historic – Ozebook

With an outfit you can transport your mobility scooter with you and just keep on riding & camping.

Bye for now from the Force Ten Rally. Michael, Steve, Phil.