The West Midlands Sidecar Rally

Doug’s washing dried out before he fully erected his newly acquired trailer tent.

“Can anyone help as for some reason I appear to be stuck to John’s top box”

“Honest love, I didn’t go down to the pub before you arrived”

“Right, next time Josh chases us, you sneek up from the rear and bite him on the a—”

No expense spared when it comes to the toilet facilities.

” Ow much”

Your Saturday run-out leader.

and the Sunday run-out leader, minus Mike, nothing that a good tyre lever couldn’t sort out.

Tail end Charlie, well Mike really.

Pack up time.

“Mark, I would like you to do one just like this at home.”

“The carb has blown off again Lucy,” “yes Chris, I thought I could smell something odd”

” Hello Karen, this is Mark, just to let you know no one will nick your seat.”

” Do you think I look all big and hard on this machine?”

” Well John and John, how can I put this, it’s only this big really”


“Come on Mark, I have looked everywhere for your motorbike and I still can’t find it”

” Sorry Mark,  I have found it, it was hidden under a hanky”

“O.M.G. this is really scary, but at least I don’t have to walk the toilets”