The Testers at Work

Its Wednesday again so time to meet up with the “Chosen Men of Mercia” at Hoar Park classic bike meeting. This Wednesday Dennis becomes the “Tester” like Triumph Meridan Testers did just down road from Hoar Park. .

Seems we have more sidecars at these winter meeting than solo’s wonder why?

The Red Ural belongs to Hubert a German gespanne rider living in Tamworth and this Ural has been ridden to Russia on trip with Hubert.

Denis takes to the road on a test ride on a RED Ural!!

Your next Tester Al checks the Ural for its metallurgy.

Mick the Tester checks the paint finish and protection/ergonomics giving the rider/passenger protection from the “Vinter elements” l check my USSR RED ARMY FIELD CRAFT MANUAL for treatments? For snow blindness drink more VODKA. For hypothermia/frost bite take a banya

This year l could not make the Dragon Rally in North Wales because of care issues with my Dad.

So l sent Phil from Sunny Walken with my ticket for the experience!

Saturday mid-day “Flash Lane” my ride for my CHIP BUTTY at the Panther Owners meeting Derbyshire.

Bye for now. From the Testers