The Sorebutts and BMW Sidecar register Southern

The Sorebutts

It was a little Glastonbury like at this year’s Sorebutts, but the weather did perk up and held off for the all-important Boules tournament and then cleared again for the BBQ and it was even kind enough to be dry on the Sunday morning for packing up. This will be just a short report with a few pictures as I did spend a lot of time in the pub.

The Oxo section were in attendance.

Difficult riding conditions! No.

Alan beats retreat with his table!

I did consider purchasing a GS, but everywhere you go most GS riders spend more time on their feet out of the saddle than in it which leads me to conclude that the seat can’t be that comfortable.

Band of Brothers.

Mark about to send the jack into the next field!

Mark’s best pose, everyone thought it funny. BTW he got the wooden spoon.

Saturday evening and the Western team laid on an excellent BBQ as usual this was follow by the awards and the raffle. It was super event were everyone was made to feel welcome, it is clear a lot of hard work went it to this rally and I would like to convey many thanks to Paul and the gang for arranging and organising such a successful weekend.

Finally, for those who use the bus to go to Ilfracombe, just up from the bus stop is this water fountain. More importantly once in Ilfracombe don’t spend too much time in this place.

The reason being, while you may get on the correctly numbered bus, it may not necessarily be going in the right direction!

But the good news, you will get a tour of the area and Barnstable for no extra cost and you will still end up at Berrynarbor, it was cracking day out and all to buy a banana.


BMW Sidecar Section Southern Rally

This event the previous two years was held / hosted at the Sorebutts Rally, but this year it was the following weekend at the Three Magpies at Seend. It turned out to be a great little event, Keith the Sidecar Register Secretary did a superb job, providing a marque with chairs and refreshments all hauled down from the Lakes.

Keith had also arranged a visit to Wasps Motorcycles which was excellent.

Keith’s BMW soon to have a sidecar fitted.

Somebody by the name of Paul from the Phoenix Club should have these by now, all very shiny. Oh, and Val’s were packed in a box ready for dispatch.

Back on site, award winning red yet again, best outfit went to Karen and she wasn’t even there. The Flying Banana picked up long distance.

Nearly forgot to post this picture, silly me.

We took a stroll to see Caen Hill Flight of locks

This Rocket 3 was in the car park when we got back from our stroll. When you go for the minimalist look it clearly shows what a lump of an engine the Rocket 3 has.

Is June saying; if you take one more picture I will shove that camera up your exhaust.