The Royal Oak Finish

On first Saturday of October l find myself at the  The Royal Oak – Peak District Country Pub: Welcome for the finish of the The Motorcycling Club – 117 years of Motorsport  for the Edinburgh Trail.

The weather had not be very kind to the competitors on the NIGHT sections with heavy rain for many  hours and then this cold front.

The crew had retired early from the early stages of hypothermia!

Cotton Owners and Enthusiasts Club – The official site of the Cotton …

The valve stem had been torn out of the inner tube.


A BSA smiler.

Steve McQueen™ Desert Racer – Metisse

However no “DESERTS” in Derbyshire only RAIN,MUD & ROCKS!

However the “MZ RIDER” always gets a pretty girl!

To finish with l enclose this training video  for riders of the classic BMW R50 & R60 and Steib sidecar owners and retired members of the International Police Association: IPA

l believe this will be very pertinent to TREVOR of South Australia.

Präsentation Motorradstaffel Polizei Hamburg – YouTube

Bye for now from the COOL Derbyshire Peaks.