The Oatcake Run


On the first Sunday in April l find myself in the village of Bradnop, Staffordshire for the VMCC Oatcake Run. l was just too late for the 35 mile run with 30 starter’s

However not long before HUNGER sets in and the first riders are returning for the oatcakes with fillings of sausage & cheese.

The Oakcake van

The Oatcake connoisseur.

Moto Guzzi are ANTIPASTO to day!

UK flat twin.

A big 2 stroker.

Even Mr Honda called in for a Oakcake!

AJS & “baling twine”?

Catch broke on acetylene gas lamp after hitting pothole, so time to use the “Black Art” of improvisation!

l was given half a dozen PIKELETS before l left to keep me going on my way home!


Did a little exploring on the way home for future ride outs for a NZ AG BIKE RIDER like the route of the Bemrose Trail Hawks Nest, Three shire Heads and not forgetting Hollinsclough. however Bob BEWARE OF THE BULL! Bemrose Motor Cycle Trial

Just after l arrived home Phil the Tangerine Man arrived displaying his new sticker’s from the

1000cc BMW airhead sticker made in Derbyshire.

Phils first ever PIKELET. and wash down with a Eccles cake.

Bye for now from the Oatcake/Pikelet Team.