The Lord Mayors Run

Sandboy  Bike park filling up

Chop and MZ two ends of the spectrum !

November the 11th Kings Lynn Mayors run. This event has run for decades and this year I went on my own as my Son has buggered his leg up and couldn’t get in the sidecar. Time for the new baby Jawa to have a little airing.


Mayor and minder arrive.

A lovely  Douglas on its maiden voyage after a complete rebuild.

Bikes turn up at an appointed starting point, this year the Sandboy Pub at Bawsey, and deposit their food parcels for the starving pensioners of Kings Lynn.

The mayor  getting  a legover  ……….  on a Triumph,  I’ve no idea what  you were thinking!!.

The mayor is winched onto a bike and joins in with the 30 or so mile run around Kings Lynn. Then we all arrive back at the Sandboy, where the Mayor is removed from the back of a bike, rubbed down with a warmed edition of Motorcycle News to bring the circulation back and prevent the onset of Hypothermia.

The press are waiting for us and take pictures of the bikes the people the Mayor and all the yummy stuff we’ve bought for the Mayors charity. This all goes in the local paper and we all feel good about ourselves.

The Great unwashed  mill about.

The bar at the Sandboy looked very inviting after the run but none of us dared have a pint as the local plod and plod cadets had been dragged in to serve us free teas and biscuits. As you know, they’re never off duty, so we daren’t chance it.

A  drop dead gorgeous JAWA

After the Mayor had given her little speech we all made our merry ways home, although I gunned the Jawa to a local real Ale bar as I was Gasping. A whole afternoon wobbling around the back roads of Kings Lynn without a drink is enough for anyone. At the bar I found my Favourite Chocolate Porter on the go and my youngest son already ensconced near the bar making sure the locally produced ciders were up to scratch. They were, apparently.   Enjoy the pictures of us all out on a gorgeous sunny November day.

Steve. Kings Lynn.

Tidy Triumph

Oldies on an oldie.