The HSOC Winter Warmer

A croft of Urals

A brace of Wing’s

The run up to the winter warmer was uneventful, but at least it wasn’t raining. As I left later than intended I didn’t stop off on the way but headed straight to the site, The Waterloo Inn . I then headed off to the YHA at Hartington where I was going to stay for the weekend. Once sorted it was a 1½ mile walk over the hill back to the pub.

The walk to the pub.

The beer and food is very good and we were all just about accommodated on the Friday night even though half the pub was reserved for the local Darts and Dominoes teams.

Stuart and Sally had everything in hand in the pub and promptly collected £5 off any one who was day visiting, a day visitor’s fee (just a note for those who haven’t attended before; as a day visitor’s fee is not stated in the advert) and flogging the latest in Hedingham regalia which has very good embroidery, plus they were making sure there were tables reserved for those stopping in local accommodation who had planned to eat later.

There were a few new faces for this year with the Elbow Patch Club attending.

Saturday and it was the run-out which did get away before 11am which was good as the local hunt was starting to assemble and the hunt was going to start from the pub.

A group of us headed into Buxton on the bus; the bus took in all the little villages and it was a pleasant ride, with some striking views and a couple of 1 in 4 hills, in fact, probably better than riding as at least you can look around and admire the views instead of having to concentrate on the road wondering what muppet would be coming around the corner.

Now that is what I call “A Top Box”

One reason for going to Buxton was to visit the where you will find loads of Buxton beers on tap. was first and I finished on a 10½% IPA. This isn’t the place to spend all night as I am sure you will be a bit wobbly by the time you leave, but it is really worth a visit and have a few halves, yes really, stick with just half pints.

Yes, they were there in a cottage not far from this aptly named road sign.

We arrivied back around 18:30 to a warm pub, and by 19:30 the pub was full. A short pub quiz was arranged for the evening which our team “The Four Crofts” didn’t win, but we didn’t disgrace ourselves finishing somewhere in the middle order. This was followed by the awards and raffle.

All in all a jolly pleasant weekend, although frosty in the mornings, the weather was pretty good compared to other years. Thanks to Stuart, Sally and the Hedingham Club for organising the weekend.


Would that be a 175/55 R17 on a bike rim.

Cor, look another one.

Yet another.

Chuffing heck, and an expensive one.

Now we would never condone the fitted of car tyres to bike rims, but if you need a cheaper tyre than the Bridgestone try this one 175/55×17