The Bull i’th Thorn Jawa CZ Rally

The Bull i’th Thorn PH on the A515 seems to about the half way marker point from my home and that Phil of Manchester, with both our rides just about perfect with blue skies & 28°c, yes just ideal for our BMW airheads.

Also it was the Jawa Cz Owners Club Rally on campsite at the rear of the pub. Club for owners of Jawa CZ motorbikes in the U.K. and Ireland. Events, rally dates, motorcycle maintenance, technical advice, items for sale and wanted, photo gallery.

The bunting is flying high.

Jawa Perak 1950 vintage.

The owner of this Perak said his wife gave him £500 to go out and buy some new CARPETS, however he came back with a Perak & a BSA Bantam!!!

For those that like a good “Thumper” a Jawa 600R.

With time to explore and l found Phil a “Unsuitable for motors” to ride.

Seems to have the GRIN FACTOR!!

In Earl Sterndale l introduced Phil to THE QUIT WOMAN.


Now riding in border country between Derbyshire/Staffordshire and we take a “byway open to all traffic”, however we must cross the River Dove.

Phil testing the waters.

Taking the right line.

Seems VR still rules in these parts still!

Tea break at 1518 feet.

Bye for now from the Altitude Team.