The Boston Bike Night

by Roy and Chris

New for this year was the venue. In previous years, with thousands of riders coming into town, a large part of the town centre would be filled with machines. This apparently led to a problem of having enough stewards to marshal the event. I was told that last year they had had to employ some marshals, so this year the decision was taken to hold the meeting in the town’s Central Park for the first time. Being held in the park meant fewer stewards were required; plenty of riders turned up and were parked in rows. Luckily the weather was kind; had it been wet then riding and parking on grass may have been exciting! Being held in a park there were the added benefits of plenty of swings and slides for the youngsters to enjoy.

Watching the riders arriving I spotted a new Jawa 400cc arrive; I’m certain that it was Steve Lucker, but with all the crowd there I never caught up with him. There were a few outfits there including a Harley Davidson with a Velorex chair; it looked very similar to the one that Dave Angel had for sale recently.

Lots of traders had stalls. Wheels of Peterborough had some good deals, including gloves from £5 and waterproof trousers from £20. The Boston Motorcycle Riders, who are associated with the bike night, had their own stand and gained a number of new members this year. Many other clubs and organisations were also there. The “Big Red Bus” was there, doing good business as usual; however another bus, called “Double Red”, sold beer and gin and it was also doing well.

At the other end of the park a band was playing and they were very good;   people were dancing away to the music. The bandstand was again sponsored this year by the “Sportsbikeshop” from Kirton near Boston. There were rows of bikes,


trikes and some sidecars to look at – some really nice stuff. I spotted a couple of old BSA machines; the newer one was made in 1927 – this had drum brakes and carbide lighting. The older model had no lights and its brakes were more exciting.

Well done to everyone who helped with the organisation of this massive show. For a first time in the park it went well.

Some of the organisers told me that they felt it was safer to have the bikes in the park than in the streets, with riders on moving bikes and people walking amongst them. It was a great success!!!

Roll on next year!!!   It is well worth a visit.

Lastly, Here is my SH300i packed in the town centre at 8:30pm

The area would be heaving with bikes and people, and the local shops there would be doing a roaring trade in snacks, fish and chips, etc.  However, you will see that this end of the town this time was quite dead!!  Wonder what the local traders will have to say about this!!!

Your webmaster says ‘some you win and some you loose’ it is all fine and dandy when it is wall to wall sunshine but it will be interesting when they have a wet year.