The Beast

“The Beast” is the name that my Can-am Ryker trike is known as by my local scooter club

I had ridden with my Squire sidecar for thirty years, but I had lately been caught out a couple of times, needing help to push it backwards, even up a slight slope.  So …. the Ryker is a new chapter in my motoring history!!

This is a cheaper model from the manufacturer of Can-ams, and they are hoping to attract more owners.

I first saw these machines last year at the Baston Show, held at Grimsthorpe Castle, which is not far from Bourne in Lincolnshire.  I rode the outfit into the show and parked it up.  Whilst wandering around the various stalls I spotted the Can-am stand.  I had never considered one of these because you could easily spend over £20,000 on one.  So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw one for £8,699 – and that was the on the road price!!  Giles, the chap running the stand, said it was alright for me to sit on it.  All the controls came nicely to hand and Giles explained that it was very easy to adjust them.  A plus point for me was that the trike is fitted with a reverse gear.

I spoke to Chris about it and we phoned up and booked a test ride on one.  At the dealers they adjusted the trike to suit my size.  I then spent a few minutes riding around their car park, before having a ride out following one of their mechanics.  We rode around for half an hour, getting up to 60 mph, before we returned to base.  I felt that this was the way to go for me, so I bought one. This is great fun to ride – just as much fun as an outfit.  The outfit has the advantage over the trike because you can carry more stuff on it or in the chair and also keep things drier.  Also, if the chair is big enough, you can carry more passengers.

The first Fed event that The Beast attended was at Yarwell, the Tri-Anglia Wheels meeting near Peterborough. Several rallyists had a short ride on it including Ann.  It is a great thing to ride – it has a built-in stability system – very useful on the pot-holed road surfaces at the moment.  My Ryker has the 600 cc engine but they also do a 900 cc version.  My trike averages 45 mpg at 55 / 60 mph and it is fitted with a 20-litre fuel tank.  It has shaft drive, which I like.  I have added a top box and a side pannier so that I can carry more gear.

After collecting the trike from the dealer, I rode to Bourne and stopped at Sainsbury’s, where I nearly knocked the front wheel off as I parked up!!  I was riding as per the outfit; however, the throttle-side front wheel sticks out 600 mm (or two feet for those of us oldies still thinking in feet and inches!!).  Chris, who was following me, said that I was a little wide when on the road.

The trike comes with an excellent guarantee – it even covers me if I put diesel in by mistake!!  The reverse gear is so useful and this machine will keep me the road for a few more years yet.