Swaffham Classic Car and Bike Show

This is a one day only event to raise money for Swaffham’s Christmas lights.   The exhibitors of the classic machines bung a few bob in a bucket for the honour of displaying their shiny vehicles for the day. The weather forecast was a bit “iffy” but it turned out to be a lovely day. I had sunshine all the way on my gruelling 8 miles from Kings Lynn to Swaffham and then even more sunshine whilst I wandered about taking pictures and enjoying a pint or two outside the Red Lion Pub.

The Red Lion is ideally situated for this event. You can sit right opposite the displays and watch the various comings and goings during your stay. Perhaps it was the weather forecast or perhaps there were other things to do that day (Stradsett show was on over the same weekend) but there were not to many exhibitors there, so don’t expect Crystal Palace if you go to view the Christmas lights in December !

Having said that, there was stuff of interest to me there and I waved my camera at it and have decided to inflict my interest on you lot. Two totally different combos on display. One, an old Norton nailed to a gigantic Busmar sidecar.

The Busmar looked as though it was made to cart not only immediate family but the in laws too. Good job Kings Lynn is short of hills. The other one was a chopped about Triumph with a sporty sidecar attached.

What a machine. The engineering on this thing was second to none.   It had a solid rear end on the bike with what looked like a clever enclosed hub suspension set up on the rear wheel.   If I saved my money instead of spending it on Beer and motorbikes, I’d have a similar rear end done on my outfit. Sharper cornering and no more swinging arms giving up the ghost every few years.   A lovely little Honda 350 from the 70,s caught my eye and looked like it would be a very useable little ride as long as you kept away from motorways. Nice Chunky old Enfield’s, Triumphs, a Russian solo, Bubble Cars, Military vehicles, which would be wonderful in rush hour traffic, everyone would get out of your way and two very slender ladies shoe horned into a 126 fiat from the 60,s.

All in all a lovely few hours spent in the sunshine before struggling another 8 miles home.   Toodle pip.

Steve Kings Lynn.