Super Sherpa man and his flask

This week “OUR MAN BORIS” said we can go from stay at home to STAY ALERT! I have been doing that since l first started riding a motorcycle at SWEET SIXTEEN! So this Saturday l rode the local back lanes  in my local playground of the  PEAK DISTRICT.

With all this very DRY WEATHER the lanes are  sandy/gravely/dusty and the TRACTORS/FARM QUAD BIKES are going HELL FOR LEATHER? (No road users for the last 7 weeks?) so STAY ALERT!!

Time for a back lane tea break from my flask. and my canvas bags are made by  High quality, tough soft panniers. – Andy Strapz  just ideal for a “Back Lane Picnic” with only SHEEP for company.

Added extra a no/off volt meter.

My second tea break stop just a very perfect place.

A great 90 miles of STAYING ALERT. Michael.