Sunny Slimbridge

A short report as extremely busy, but here are some pictures and a few words on what I think was the hottest Slimbridge I have known.


As usual we arrived early and our first trip out was to the Museum in the Park at Stroud, well worth a visit.

Now this is what I call a chainsaw.

Also in the museum, this little claim to fame.


Keith’s interim outfit, while Wasp is building him one with one of their sidecars.

Setting up the reception marquee

The 1300 Pan is quite a popular chair tug.

This GS and Triptec was pulling a lovely little caravan, just enough room for 1, and carefully constructed in size to be able to be towed behind a solo.

Looks like this Rocket towed a campervan to the rally.

Has the owner been to a pannier market!

This Outfit probably did more miles over the weekend than some others that turned up on a trailer.

Ready for the run, but one of these outfits was soon back on the site with a flat tyre.

The rider of this BSA thought it would be a good idea, well it was for the first 5 miles he told me, after that it wasn’t.

The Outlook editor ready for the run.

Ted’s lovely boxer Outfit.

Ozzy has joined the “Scooter Boy Club”

It must be the sunny weather.

Changing the lights to LED and adding a few mirrors!

BMW GS’s are also a popular chair tug, seen here with the EZS Rally Off-Road XC

The bridge operator was very busy over the weekend

“You know Toni, men would like a body just like mine, “yea, alright Foz, just put the tent up while I have a bottle of beer!”