Sunny rides in October

It’s now the third Saturday of October and the SUN just still keeps on shining on us poor Brits! So the “Mystic Solo Day Rider” takes a steady ride to Fenland County of Cambridgeshire for the

To held at The Fox at Burwell a special place of pilgrimage for sidecar-ists in the UK which started the “FED”in 1958.

Inside the pub you will find a plaque and this photo from 1958.

Men wearing suits/ties & blazers and ladies attire frocks, hand bags and high heals. With little boys in short trousers. A photo displaying the age of SIDECAR DECORUM in the 1950s.

The 2018 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Lunch time dining was take al fresco at front of the pub and l was treated to a free lunch by a “Yorkshire Gentleman” So “Tusen takk” to my Yorkshire friend. (Viking speak)

Village green sidecar parking.


The next day l stayed local and visit a local Ploughing Match at

Heath village in Derbyshire England – Information and photos

On arrival l make my way to the refreshment tent and notice this stunning BSA Scout Car.

BSA Scout – Wikipedia

This”Ploughman” seems to have a pertinent message on his “Fergie” tractor.

He said that he had survived a AMI and a CVA and was back on the job ploughing again.

My next pm event for the Sunday was a step over the border into “Notts” to visit the

Papplewick Pumping Station for its 1940s weekend.

With me being born in the late 1940s you could say l am a TRUE RELIC from that DECADE!

Even the “Notts. Indian Tribe”. turned up.

Made at the time of the USSR Dnepr K750 M 750cc side valve with 2WD & diff lock.

GEORGE THE GUARD an ex-workmate of mine.

Once upon a time l had a BELL on my FENDER.

Our Vehicles – Ambulance Heritage Society


A book “A bell on my fender” by Lloyd Wilson.

Bye for now from the pumping station at Papplewick Notts..