Spot of Bovver


Once upon a time 2½ years ago l purchase a clean/ tidy low mileage Mystic solo for future riding & travels however it needed to be tested and this was undertaken by the “Green Team” of South Australia and very real “Outback Riders”

So a trip of 5,000 miles of EU counties was undertaken and the said Mystic was left with Fronck of France for me to collect in the October of that year.

Since that time the solo mystic as lingered “Shed and buried” in my garage until April this year when l tried to resurrect it which turn out to be a little difficult to say the least!

When saw this l did not know whether to cry/laugh or go out and get drunk.

So a big thank you to the experts/consultants of John & Dave from Rentokil: Your Local Pest Control, Damp, Woodworm & Rot Expert

Of course CONSPIRACY THEORYS ABOUNDS was it a French mouse from Froncks barn or a UK garage mouse?

DADS comment was if you find it and then get it STUFFED and send it back to Frank in France!

(DAD tells the story of his jungle training in BURMA before putting on your boots first thing in the morning to “Double Check” them for the Bootlace snake & the odd scorpion!)

Even had to replace the collector box because of a loud baffle rattle. Had the mouse moved down to the basement floor?

New UK made stainless Y pipe now fitted.

Time to see if l can still ride a solo Mystic with only two wheels again? My two wheel ride takes me into the foot hills of the Cheshire, Staffordshire border country and its very a dry job.

Only 70 pence a cuppa with cakes and ice cream to follow. Hollinsclough

Plus medical care if needed!

The chapel with its holy cobweb.

Two “Red Ones” together.

Bye for now from the two wheeled day rider.