South Yorks Anniversary Easter Egg

The Easter Egg Rally really suffered on the weather front this year. We arrived on the Friday after a reasonably dry ride up, unlike the day before where it simply rained and rained. We were in digs just a short ride away and when we set off in the evening it was raining, quite heavily by the time we arrived at our accommodation.

The wet weather was to dominate on Saturday, we arrived back in the morning and with all the rain overnight the site was suffering and it was a wee bit muddy to say the least. At least the breakfasts were in full flow so I promptly ordered one.

I couldn’t help thinking if the event was still taking place at Squirrel Wood, it would have touch and go if it could have run at all, I am pretty certain it would have had to have been cancelled.

With rain forecast for all day on Saturday the planned run out had to be cancelled, with the hope for better weather on the Sunday. All the usual took place on Saturday evening; raffle, awards, etc. This was so attendees had the option of leaving on Sunday as heavy snow was forecast for the early hours of Monday.

The planned ride-out was done on the Sunday. This was to the “National Mining Museum”. It is such a shame when so much effort is put in to arranging an Anniversary event that the weather really put a dampener on proceedings.

The awards are as follows thanks to John for sending them;

Best Easter Bonnet     Charlie. Grandson of Karen Webb

Best Boy colouring       Charlie, again.

Best girl colouring       Kayleigh, Grand-daughter of Mick Priestley

Best club turn-out       Tri-Anglia Wheels.

Best outfit                     Dave Greenwood’s   Ural rig

Long distance U.K.       Dave & Ann Greenwood

Long distance overseas   Wolfgang Weckeck.

Hard luck award             Pat Procter, for bravely attending with a broken leg.

Best family mileage         The Levenes = 2 adults & 3 children   = 520 miles.

A special trophy went to Jackie Fenton. Suitably inscribed, “Queen of the Kitchen”

A message from John:-

A big thank-you, to all that attended the rally. You put up with some really challenging conditions. Also lots of you mucked in and did stints in the kitchen. In summing up, not the best rally ever, but, one that will linger in the memory.