Social Distancing Jaunts

Social distance riding and meeting with one other rider at the social distance protocol.

Sherpa man in action!

Niken man on an action roll!

Ready for a PADDLE at a local SHEEP DIP!

Another SENIOR MOMENT someone’s forgotten his MUG!!

My local ELEPHANT FOOT delivery rider comes with a very expensive bag for the CAKES?

Swiss Army Pedal Cyclists Bag cost him 100 NZ Dollars!!!

He seems to have gone into a SPEND SPEND MODE!!!

The ORANGE Rider updated his FRONT END

At our picnic site the LOCAL WATCH COMMITTEE was eyeing us UP & DOWN!

Yes it is getting very dry now on the moorlands.

COTTON WOOL CLOUDS floating over the local moorlands.

In the Heart of Sherwood Forest, you can find a cafe that now does takeaways.

A ideal place to have a SD chat with a sidecar friend

Also an ideal opportunity to make a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance | YAA | Medical Helicopter.

Bye for now from Robin Hood County.