Slopers and Airheads

It’s Friday the 13th and its RAINED for 3 hours and our first rain in months!

A very welcome relief for us VEG growers with my beans looking quite DIRE from lack of fresh life giving rain. Also ideal time to keep the DUST DOWN at the Piggin Panthers Rally at Two Dales.

The alloy box was design for a band DRUM kit.

Ridged back end just ideal for UK pot-holes!

This model comes with a high level exhaust system.

A “Green Moment” in times of drought!

Panther Owners seem to prefer plastic box’s &

canvas bags for all luggage requirements.

A scene of dampness & drying attire.

Saturday morning at 11.00am was a time of THUNDER in Two Dales because the Panthers are leaving on the run the The Tea Junction tea room at Hulme End in the Peak District drinks

So time for me to take a walking wander via Two Dales to Darley Dale Station – Peak Rail and check out the timetables.

I had lunch at the very pleasant Food & Drink – The Whitworth Centre & Park so a big thank you to Joseph Whitworth – Wikipedia and his famous screw threads.

Panther “Happy Hour” starts at 16.00pm with The New Orleans Strollers Jazz Band & Panther Pimm’s are being served.

So keep eating the “Chip Butties” which help pay for “Jazz in a Tent”

Sunday time to ride east to Lincoln and the THE AIRHEAD Event 2018.

Early in the week l had been sent an e-mail from South Australia to SEEK OUT a Mr Sargent on “Airhead State Visit”to the UK.

Parc Ferme of Airheads.

Yes I do like the RED sidecar seat covering. BMW R25 & Steib.

Racer from the year of 1938.

My kind of Gelande Motorrad from Overland & Classic Motorcycles.

Then l notice a LABEL on a rucksack?

”Mr Sargent, I Presume?”

I had ever met John Sargent before so it turned out to be “Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?” – AwesomeStories moment for our Michael!

John’s normal environment of Australia and next trip on the agenda on his return

BMW Motorcycle Club ACT Incorporated – 2018 Off Centre Rally (OCR)

Bye for now. John & Michael.