Sidecar, Trike & 3 Wheeler Day Jacks Cafe

Fully loaded
A bit on the other side
Basket Case
The owner also has an Outfit
This pannier are just like the ones on his Outfit.
Ever thought of mounting the speedo nearer!
Neat outfit
Speedy outfit.
Winner of the Best Sidecar award.
The late Bill Heffer’s outfit still going strong.
Geoff with his Pan and Palma
Andy and Sally’s latest set up.
Frank’s Flexit
With a sidecar that light, if it wasn’t a leaner it would be a hand full.
Just like Urals, there is always one at every event.
This was a wide trike.
John, the organiser on his ex police K1200 and Hedingham XL 
HRD 60 ? (May be I am wrong)
HRD Motors Ltd was a British motorcycle manufacturer in the 1920s. It was founded by Howard Raymond Davies. In 1924, with E J Massey, the first HRD motorcycles were built. The engines were sourced from JA Prestwich Industries Ltd (JAP), gearboxes from Burman, forks from Druid or Webb, chains from Renolds, oil pumps from Pilgrim, and the carburettors from Binks. In other words they were bitsas. In January 1928, the company entered voluntary liquidation. It was purchased by Ernest Humphries (of OK Supreme Motors), who sold the name, along with the tooling and patterns to Philip C Vincent. Vincent subsequently formed The Vincent HRD Company later that year.
Todays pocket torches give out more like.
My push bike has better brakes.
The ultimate in recycling!
Yes, built in the 1920’s and still plodding on.
Yamaha never sold many as it got slated by the motorcycle media, but a 660 the size of a 250 and lighter than some of today’s 250’s / 400’s with a good frame and suspension it was a little cracker.