Sidecar Sunday at the Ace Café

I do not always attend the Sidecar day at the Ace Café in North London every year as its usually bloom’en freezing on the ride down from Norfolk and I’m such a tart when it comes to the cold.     Sunday the 26th of Feb, however, dawned very mild and with brilliant sunshine. The combo was dragged out of the garage, I donned sun glasses and we lurched off at a stately 55mph down the A10 (a lovely ride, much better than motorways) to the North Circular, a road it appears everyone in London was avoiding on this occasion. Suits me. An unhindered trundle around to the Ace.

On arrival at The Ace, the parking Gauleiter pointed to where I should park, “just over there in the middle, with the other Harleys”. Those of you that have seen my outfit will appreciate just how delighted the other shiny Harley outfit riders were when I parked among them! They moved within about ten minutes, as my outfit seemed to be drawing other rat outfits to that part of the bike park.

As usual Ted and Mrs Ted Cheer were on duty at the sidecar Fed stand. I didn’t think there was as many outfits on display as in previous years, but it was still a good turn out for a February. The café itself was crammed with people stuffing their faces and I only just managed to find a spare seat to get on with my own nosebag. A lovely meal as usual, spoilt only slightly by the fact that I had sat down next to the sort of loon you usually only find on night busses or on weekend release wandering aimlessly around town centres licking windows and shouting at passers-by !   I find e’m !   Next it was time to wander about outside with a large cup of tea and my camera to take a few pictures of the delights that had made their way here. You see, men can multi task.

As you can see there is the usual array of Brit outfits, along with a smattering of Harleys, BMW’s and Hondas dragging sidecars about. I bumped in to a few old friends and we chatted the afternoon away and I even got an invite to a rally to be held in September not far from my home.


The weather forecast was for rain later in the day, but I had a lovely ride home, indeed, I broke into a mild sweat whilst on my way out of London and stayed dry all the way.

Enjoy the pictures, especially my mighty stead mingling with Gleaming Harley outfits. Some other weird character hanging about near the bins (or he may just be a Cossack owner!!) a well-travelled old Gold wing outfit (which sounded great when it fired up) and a very embarrassed Vincent outfit owner who had to get the spanners out and start fettling in front of a live audience. He loved that!

Toodle Pip.   Steve. Kings Lynn.