Siberian Riviera

17th of March and Met Office have AGAIN issued a “AMBER WEATHER WARNING” for snow/sleet/ice coming direct from Siberia, which seems just ideal for the “Sidecar Day Rider” to head East to the Siberian Riviera with its so bracing air and a head wind of minus 6  wind chill factor!

It’s So Bracing

At this time of year you will find the Siberian Rivera on the Lincolnshire East coast & my destination of


MZ Riders Brewery Rally HQ.

Even more bracing dates for your diary.

MZ & Gespanne just finished a “Tour of Duty” at Checkpoint Charlie

My own “Transit Visa” of the 01.07.1975. for the DDR.!

MZ ETZ 250.

Two chummy MZs.

On my sidecar l notice that LED lights  don’t SMELT SNOW & ICE!

Time to eat to survive the cold! Batemans

Home of the Yella Belly.  Yellow Belly

Brewery artefacts.

Time for the “Day Rider” to ride west with the east wind/snow showers blowing me back home! To  Commissar Charles for organising this very COOL treffen!

Grosses Dankeschon.  Michael.