Running towards the light


By  Roy  and  Chris

This is the second book written by Nathan about his travels on Dorothy, his Australian ex-post office motorcycle  –  this time from New York right across America and up the coast to Alaska.

He flew the bike over, and he arrived three days before the bike.  He took time to catch a Greyhound coach to go to Canada and catch up with a girl friend that he had previously met in Australia.  They spent part of the day buying things that would be needed on the forthcoming trip, as they had done previously on the other side of the world.

The bike arrived and eventually he got going.  With a cruising speed of 40 mph this gave him plenty of time to look around and meet some amazing  people;  for safety he often used smaller, quieter roads. 

One of the characters that he met was a 77-year old chap who, for the last ten years or so, had been into cycling.  He told Nathan that he had cycled around Australia, through Central Asia and down to Argentina.  As he was not getting any younger he looked at the Honda with its little engine and felt that this might make his travels easier in the future!!

Whilst Nathan was in Canada, some way north of Vancouver, a petrol station kindly gave him a free can of bear spray.  This is just like Mace protection spray but it sprays farther.  However there was a warning on the can to check which way the wind was blowing as it could come back at you!!

Again a nicely written book, telling the highs and lows of the journey, with nearly 300 pages including pictures.

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