Roamings. Kiwi Rider, IMTC, MZ Camp

My roaming’s in early September started in the Vale of Belvoir at Harby Country Show and only Belvoir Castle Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire is about to embark on the major and much anticipated redevelopment of its former Engine Yard workshop buildings. £5 admission fee. (my kind of entry fee!) What caught my eye was this sign.

Inside the tent the museum this Panther & sidecar.


Corgi/Welibike & sidecar.–eWKPQ “THE CORGI” MOTOR CYCLE

Life can be a bit SQUARE with a Ariel Square Four.

For MG fans a Cream Cracker!

This is How You Live As A Bentley Boy.

It must been Wednesday and the first storm of the autumn called Storm Aileen rolls in with just ideal conditions for myride to North Yorkshire to find a pub called the Ham & Cheese and members of the IMTC for the pub lunch meeting.Our guest of honour his Bob the Kiwi Rider and he ends up on the top table with the Yorkshire folk.

Bob & Anne at The Ham & Cheese.

Seems Kiwi’s Engineers also like The Ham & Cheese.

Time to find a FORD for the Kiwi Rider.

Now Saturday and the roamer finds himself crossing the River Aire into the Yorkshire Marshlands near Snaith looking for the village of Temple Hirst which was once the estate and preceptory for the Knights Templar and now the Sloop Inn.

The MZ Riders Autumn camp at the Sloop Inn.

The Landlord of the Sloop his a keen motorcyclist.

Just up the road at Burn a memorial to the Canadians.

On my way home now in north Nottinghamshire l stop to admire this village sign.

On the other side a different scene.

Bye for now from the Roamer.