Reedham Ferry

We watched Timothy West and Prunella Scales on the telly floating about on the Norfolk Broads. One of the places they visited was Reedham Ferry and the Ferry Inn.   They crossed the water on what looked like a rather large ferry and were met the other side by the man that owns the Ferry Inn and was one of the youngest ferry operators in the 1960,s when he was about 14.     We liked the look of the Inn and thought the ferry would be a giggle for the combo to float all majestic like across the broads, so of we set one sunny Sunday in April.   To get to the ferry you have to negotiate a few delightful twiddly roads.   In fact you have to negotiate them several times as the Norfolkolians   hide the ferry from them there townies and they’re not that flush with signs either.   Despite their best efforts to keep us away, we did find the place AND it has a little camp site right next to the Inn, might be worth a look sometime. The Inn does excellent bar snacks, real ale and Lunchtime and evening meals.

Even though the place is hidden away the restaurant was packed.   We had a bar snack.

After stuffing our faces it was time to get the combo on the Ferry for a crossing and a little trip out into the wilds of Norfolk.   The ferry is a delightful little thing that is the size of a sheet of marine ply and drags itself across the broads via a chain and a little donkey engine.   Not quite as lovely or impressive as it looked on the telly.   To make this all seem far more exciting than it actually was I here are a few “action Shots “of the Combo lurching towards and finally boarding the now world famous Reedham Ferry.

The ferry operator was completely unfazed by having a combo on the ferry. Apparently he has seen everything from Maserati’s to old dears crossing with chickens on a bits of string!

So our thing was nothing to get excited about.

After a ride on the Ferry it was off to the Norfolk showground for a historic vehicle weekend.

Buses, Lorries, cars, vans and surprisingly, a fair smattering of bikes. Eastern Counties Vintage Show

The Sun came out as did the camera and I snapped away at   some old military bikes, vintage speedway bikes (and their vintage owners) and a lovely display of old bikes in a large warehouse with bikes of all ages , up to the 70,s.   Enjoy the pics.   Steve . Kings Lynn.

JAP and Weslake,   and nice Matchless.

A row of BSAs a lovely blue Panther, I’ve never seen one in this striking colour before. BSA Bantam and Francis Barnet in the background.

A pressed steel Velo, Pretty little Bantam and Mike Curtis collection of competition bikes

We saw this little boat near the ferry and wondered whether or not it would float if my son and I were to venture on board.   We are both somewhat “over nourished “.