Ray, aka “Two Cakes”

Latest news on “Two Cakes”

Ray is making good progress and he has been moved to ward 22 but they might move him again. Ray is up to receiving visitors and you will be very welcome to pop in and say hello. Ray would like to pass on his thanks for all the cards and support he has received.


Last Sunday (4th) morning Ray was rushed to Hospital with a suspected heart attack. He was put in the intensive care unit pretty much on life support. During the week he was taken off dialysis so his kidneys are functioning ok, blood pressure ok. He was still sedated and has a bit of a chest infection which is being treated at the end of the week. Ray awoke Saturday (yesterday), albeit very groggy and sore but off all machines. Still on strong medication for the infection but everyone pleased with his progress. Today (Sunday 11th), he is a lot more talkative. Hopefully they will move him to the high dependency part of the ward which is a good sign. This is great news, for what must have been a worrying time for his family. Ray is currently still on the Intensive care unit, but it is hoped that he will be moved to the high dependency unit soon. Ray is on the road to recovery but still has a long way to go. Cards can be sent via his brother John, simply contact me for John’s address.