Pistons and Props

Home – Sywell Classic motoring festival l have an early start for this event in  Northamptonshire on the Sunday morning.

The display at the entrance. Polish WILGA.

Also now living with the RULE OF SIX.

An IDEA motor for a RETIRING Joiner/Carpenter living in “Sunny Walkden” with LOTS of wood, wood GLORIOUS WOOD!!!

Lots of RADIALS!

This CORBIN seat would look just RIGHT on a R/750 residing in Browns Bay.?

For our “Scooter Boys” who like to PICNIC !!

In the “City of Angels” if you CALL 911 this could turn up! 

Just DAIL 911.

2-Stroke POWER from the DDR.

VEB Kustoms I Ostblech I Simson Freunde Oderbruch I 2 …

Some of you will remember this gentleman retired SIDECAR BUILDER.

SORRY TIME TO LEAVE getting TO BUSY with PUNTERS now and l will miss the

The Yakovlevs – Aerobatics,Wedding Air Displays, Special …

Riding north on the back lanes for home.

Bridge too Far take off – YouTube

Then l come to the GATES  of  Moscow Farm Cottage

The Super Sherpa just LOVES BYWAYS!!

Bye for now from this land of Pistons & Props..