Our very Blue Stilton ride

Thank you to Steve for our ride to the Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton Cropwell Bishop

Time to purchase a box of cheesy delights.

207 Sqn RAF History – Langar Airfield 207 Squadron RAF

Time for a TEA stop in the very DRY SPRING OF MAY.

Now in the WET SEASON at a RUTLAND BILLABONG!Slim Dusty – Waltzing Matilda

Now back at home and time to OPEN THE BOX?

They say that one of the SIGNS & SYMPTOMS of COVID 19 is the loss of TASTE?

Coffee/wine/ blue stilton/and sticky fig relish yes l can confirm my TASTE BUDS are still 101 PERCENT!!

Sorry you cannot be with me for HAPPY HOUR OUTSIDE AT THE SHED.