Next CH/F on the Ural Grand Tour

Friday the 20th September is “The parting of the waves” for UK/B Marmot Team Riders after your superb time in Austria. I ride, direction to the North West passing back into Germany and heading for Mulhouse. However in Southern Germany at parking space l notice 3 x Urals parked. So l stop to have a URAL chat.

The tall guy with his right arm towards is face is MD of Ural Austria/Europe Hari Schwaighofer (Ex-sidecar motocrosser) › watch Hari told me he and the others are on way to a Dnepr Ural Sidecar Treffen in Switerland. So Saturday morning the UGT turns up in CH for a weekend treffen

Time for my Swiss REVIVAL! I do like the word LAGERFEURROMANTIK. The organiser of this treffen is this Swiss Dnepr/Ural dealer.

Seems the SWISS are into BULL WHIPS! › watch

Also can provide a WH sidecar for a FILM SCENE CHASE.

Just follow DUT?  

Dnepr/BMW conversion with external car type oil filter.

Dnepr MT 12 with 350,000 KM & now fitted with Chang Jiang engine. The owner of this Dnepr/Chang Jiang uses a gauge to take its TEMPERATURE for the HIGH ALPINE ROADS when PASS STORMING. Now for the ALPINE TOWING SECTION.

We just love to TOW!

This Swiss Dnepr owner comes with a “Pudding Basin” & “Twin Headlights”.

Normally the DIFF LOCK is activated by a ROD not a CABLE. The owner of the lake side campsite (Treffen site) and farm, Patrick breeds  

However Patricks Highland Cattle are nocturnal at this time of the year (NIGHT SHIFT WORKERS) it’s just too HOT for them in the Swiss summer time on the alpine pasture. This photo taken at 17.00pm (outbound) and they will all return again at 09.00am (inbound) in the morning for a good well earn SLEEP! Sunday morning I ride for the French border and on Monday I find myself in La Creuse again.

Down at Chez Jacques waiting for our evening meal of Canard (Donald Duck) Salad & Chips

Come Wednesday time ti ride again, me for the Channel & a ferry home and Frank rides to Belgium for a motorcycle meeting. Bye for now from La Creuse.