Newark Classic Motorcycle and Scooter Show

The Newark show by Roy and Chris, pictures by Martyn

Restored and un-restored

This show is actually called “The Carole Nash / Classic Bike Guide Winter Show”, being held over the first weekend in January at the Newark Showground just off the A1. This is a large show held in several halls, plus some hardy souls who set up their stands outside on the grass; for the less hardy there is another large marquee – here at least here, the traders do not get wet, just cold!!

For the last couple of years Martyn has come and collected me on the Saturday morning and we travel in together. I book our tickets in advance, which means that we miss joining a large queue to enter the showground. The biggest hall is on your right as you walk through the gate; this is full of private-entry motorcycles, which give people the chance to display their pride and joy. The private entries and club stands were to a very high standard.

One pristine outfit had been raced by Rolf Biland in 1983. This outfit won the “Best Competition – Any Other Type” award. Martyn had a great time looking at all the tool stands and those selling nuts and bolts, etc.; there was plenty to look at.

However the layout had changed slightly from previous years and, talking to other visitors, the opinion was that the number of motorcycles on display here seemed fewer than before. New for this year, just outside the hall, was a Moto Gymkhana set up; this entailed riding around some cones, against the clock. I watched a couple of riders having a go, and it was certainly fast and furious! Visitors to the show were able to book a session and have a go, and there were several sessions a day, with a maximum of three riders in any session; motorcycles and a scooter were provided. The marquee area had loads of trade stalls, some offering great deals on riding gear. There were some new crash helmets priced at £15, and we wondered how good these were. There was plenty to see and there were also a few motorcycles for sale, plus some autojumble stands.

Next we moved onto the “Lady Eastwood Pavilion”; again a good selection of club, trade and autojumble stands. Martyn was again in his element looking at the bits and pieces on offer. The Main Stage had been relocated to this hall and Steve Plater was interviewing the guest of honour, who this year was Freddie Spencer. In 1982 Freddie won his first 500 cc World Championship at the age of twenty-one. He was interesting to listen to. Steve is excellent at asking the right questions. These live on-stage sessions are always good, and the one that I really enjoyed was the Birchall Brothers; both Steve and the brothers were on top form.

Finally we made our way to the last set of halls in the first section, where twice a day they have a “Blast from the past”; this is where motorcycles and scooters are fired up and revved hard; there are signs warning you about the noise!! This is a popular event and attracts quite a crowd of onlookers.

Moving on you come to “Scooter World”; lots of scooters here mixed in with some motorcycles and club stands. This was the only area in the show where music was being played. This was supplied by “Mod Radio”; a couple were kept busy all day churning out the music. Amongst the scooters Martyn and I spotted a red scooter outfit; this was a Maicoletta scooter and a Swallow chair.

Talking to the current owner (the outfit’s third) this was supplied new as an outfit in 1957. The current owner has overhauled some of the sidecar panels to a high standard. I was surprised at the amount of leg room in the chair; however the seat is well back. The Maicoletta scooter was very quick in its time.

There was a fine display of scooters, and some of them had really nice paint jobs. The Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance stall held a raffle and had some good quality prizes; I got lucky and won a nice pair of riding gloves!

Mortons Archive had a good display of old photographs – speaking to the representative I was led to believe that you can see these on

Martyn and I then retraced our footsteps. Buying the stuff that we had spotted earlier. The show was very busy, helped possibly by the mild weather, and there were plenty of motorcycles in the car park. This is a good show, well worth a visit and it gives you a chance to spend any left-over money from Christmas!!

Owd Codgers MCC
There is a scooter behind that lot.
LED lights must have been a god send for the scooter customizer.
Not your average C50, 212cc engine, front brake off GT380, rear off CD175, wheels from a Ducati 175
The first factory special The X75 Hurricane
Bianchi Motorcycles
Parilla Slughi 99